Reflection on Blogging

In reviewing my classmates’ blogs, I could see that many of us actually share the same thoughts and have had the same struggles in regards to meeting all the requirements and assignments of this course. Coming into this class, I figured I would be really behind everyone else since I was not in the Ed Tech program and not too familiar with a lot of the social media tools. However, after working in our groups and reading through the blogs during this short span of our condensed course, I feel more comfortable knowing that I am not as far behind as I thought and others had the same concerns as I did.

Anyway, a concept that Rheingold had discussed previously and has always been on my mind throughout this course, is maintaining an awareness or focus of the world around you while balancing the urge or need to be online. Both Lindsey ( and Dana ( wrote about this “addiction” that we sometimes are so wired to check our phones for text messages, play games on our iPads, or look at random things and news online, that we lose sight of the fact social media may be running our lives. Dana mentions how she has taken to Lumosity for her gaming fix and it limits her amount of time to play, which definitely helps in maintaining priorities and minimizes the distraction of online gaming, as I know you could end up playing for hours without even knowing it. Lindsey also talks about having a sense of “social consciousness” especially with the rise of mobile devices evident at work, home, social events, and at play; we need to be aware of how and when the appropriate times to use social media.

The more we actually pay attention to our use and of others’ of online technology, the better understanding and awareness we will have in making sure that we use them responsibly and appropriately. Social media can easily enhance our lives through connectivity, knowledge, and convenience, but at the same time it could also damage our interpersonal communication and efficiency to get things done, as well as cause stress (having to filter through all the information that is out there!). 

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